From John

As part of its new school accountability system, the state Department of Education has calculated a “school performance index” or an “SPI” for most schools in the state, based on an average of the students’ scores on the last three years of the Connecticut Mastery or Connecticut Academic Performance tests. The list also includes a “target” performance rate for each school. If the school’s performance is satisfactory, the target says “maintain.” The purpose of the list is to help communities and state officials identify districts where help is needed to improvement student achievement.

Average scores ranged from a high of 97.2 (New Cannan’s West School) down to a low of 32.8 (a Hartford school).

The K-8 Schools (all 779 Middle and Elementary Schools together): Woodstock Middle School placed in the upper 22nd percentile, and Woodstock Elementary School placed in the upper 46th percentile. By Comparison Mansfield Middle School placed in the upper 25th percentile and Simsbury Middle School placed 20th percentile.

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The High Schools: Woodstock Academy ranks 74th out of 198 high schools in CT, in the upper 37th percentile.