From EV

For the past few years, since building the new HS, Killingly has recruited Brooklyn students relentlessly and effectively. The brand new facility and a free laptop are major draws. Killingly also has a grading policy that many students may be drawn to. As I understand it, students can retake a test that they perform poorly on and replace the grade. As an example, Student A does not prepare for the chapter exam they are scheduled to take on Monday morning, so they show up, take the exam and just schedule to take it over another day. They walk in knowing that their lack of preparation has no consequence. I am not sure if I have all the exact details on this correct, but this is the way I understand it to be.

Peer relationships also play a huge role in these decisions. Kids go where their friends are going. Many times it is as simple as this. As more kids from Brooklyn go to Killingly HS, they take a few friends with them. Kids even switch schools mid-year because they miss their friends who are attending the other school or they feel the “grass is greener.”

The NB article was clearly written to elicit drama and it has done that successfully. In my opinion it was poorly written and very one sided, particularly the comment about students being asked to leave. If this is true, it is obviously concerning, but the article had no specifics. I do not pretend to know everyone, but I have never heard of anyone being asked or forced to leave. Even being independent, I do not think it is legal for WA to force kids to leave, unless they have been expelled.