From Marylou

No, I like football and enjoy watching it with my son and husband (to Non-Woodstocker). My father went through school on a football scholarship — he played for West Point. He also coached football so much of my youth was spent on a football field. Happily, I add.

The area the new Academy field was built upon is a poor location for the use. So is the area of the original Bentley Fields. As far as maintenance costs, the jury is out on the new field. I know they’ve had to spend more and do more to mitigate the problems stemming from a section that is mostly wetland. In addition, there is limited access with no separate ingress and egress. There is no running water or bathrooms. There is inadequate parking and what parking exists — is far away from the fields making it tough for older people.

Again, I write — here is what I object to about football. It is the ONLY sport played in which a loud PA system is brought in to blast a field and as off-shed, a quiet residential neighborhood. They play horrible (so called) music very loud before games for some unknown reason . . ? How would you like to spend a golden fall day . . Would you want to live up wind to this?

High-schoolers, their coaches, their teachers and parents want to watch a local football game — not everyone in town does as the Academy was so fond of stating over and over again during the application process. Now, we can expect that the Academy along with PZC’s blessing will soon install the tallest and brightest stadium lights they can find so we have that to anticipate. Jolly. Would you want to live here? We like hearing the natural noise made by all teams and ALL sports. The sounds of shots going off, followed by cheering for track runners, the whack of baseballs hitting bats with subsequent cheers. Neither we, nor most people want to listen to loud PA’s or blink out from under blaring stadium lights.

But somehow football is special, isn’t it. Not properly enjoyed unless you have loud PA’s and Friday night lights. New schools are now built far outside of neighborhoods and towns, maybe because no one wants to live next to that. Progressive schools within residential and commercial neighborhoods install newly designed LED lighting that has little off-shed and protects dark skies initiatives. They also monitor the volume of PA’s. But not Woodstock! Oh no, no! PZC ushered a whip smart engineer out of their meeting when he tried to explain the benefits of installing this type of lighting. And why is that, you may wonder.

Because the Academy wants to run down property values while running off residents. They will only gain by purchasing homes cheap for dorms, etc. PZC wants to govern the Hill so that cute, quaint shops, restaurants and B and B’s populate the historic district. It’s all about the Academy with some speculation on $ from tourism. It all makes sense. It all sounds pretty ducky unless you happen to live here and have invested significant amounts of hard earned money in your property.

For all those regular Cafe readers, I apologize for the repetition of the whine. I just thought Non-Woodstock might have missed another side of the story due to football fervor. Go Centaurs!