From John

In spite of the fact that CT’s economy did not grow in the last two years based on relative contribution to the GDP, CT’s contribution ranks the state 24th among 50 states in total contribution to the GDP at $197,202,000 in 2012. Yes, the 3,590,000 inhabitants of the third smallest state contributed $54,930 each to the country’s GDP. That’s the third highest state per capita behind Delaware and fracking North Dakota. What do you think of that, ex-governor Rowland? These numbers come from the Bureau of Economic Analysis report hyperlinked below.

The other day as I was driving home from work I was galled by a Rowland interview of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry was in the state to recruit CT businesses to Texas.

(click to enlarge) For several weeks now Rowland has been repeating the fact that in a U.S. Department of Commerce study from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, CT has lagged behind all other states in economic growth as measured by the state’s contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2011 and 2012 CT grew in GDP contribution by a -0.01% both years while all other states were on the positive side of national GDP growth. This number was also Governor Perry’s favorite number when he met with Connecticut business men. You know from the Presidential debates that Perry is not good at memorizing facts and numbers so he chose to remember only one. If this number is important, then I suggest that everyone move to North Dakota which is numero uno in this category (see the map) where everything is sky high including prostitution.

This GDP contribution is actually measured in 21 economic sectors so if you examine economic growth in each of these sectors before adding them up, you see a much more complex picture. For example, if you subtract the “Finance and Insurance” sector from every state’s contribution to the GDP, CT rises well from the bottom. Each state has a unique fingerprint in economic growth in these 21 sectors. It doesn’t matter to Rowland or Perry that the CT contribution of Durable Goods Manufacturing to the GDP was third from the top among states in the northeast behind Massachussets and Pennsylvania (two states with higher populations than CT) and far higher than NY’s contribution. It’s also notable that growth in state government was the lowest (in the negative) for the ten northeast states. Neither Rowland or Perry would ever mention this because it doesn’t help them with their argument … e.g. that they are better governors and that you should move to Texas. I don’t know what schemes Perry is up to but while Rowland was selectively attacking unionized government employees illegally, he was exploiting his own union of government contractors for favors.

Click to see the full spreadsheet.

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index
One has to keep in mind that there are other parameters that are important during life on Earth … like happiness and well-being. This is a study by Gallup-Healthways that ranks states by well-being (quality of life) of their citizens. Connecticut is rated as 16th out of 50 states while Texas in rated a not too bad 27th. But we all have our preferences. Mine are Connecticut and California, and Maryland wasn’t bad either. Texas would not be possible for me given what’s on the radio and TV, especially on Sundays.

The problem I have is the responsibility of WTIC in arranging a complete takeover of the major radio station in CT by the extreme right-wing politicians and the religious right-wing in Pastor Will, Rowland’s pastor who fills in for Rowland when he rests his whining vocal chords. Even the weather man and traffic man are trashing Malloy and Obama during their segways from Rowland’s rants. 

Rowland is a charming guy with little or no character who repeats his single-minded message because he wants to be governor. Just think about it. If Rowland had behaved, he might have saved us from Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, and we might have had a Republican president. Instead, he’s our Spiro Agnew.